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Who we are?


Our products are also available in Israel. We hold workshops and trainings for our customers on the correct use of our products. For an optimal result, we offer customized training programs. You can always contact our representatives in Israel by filling out the form below or by contacting us by phone.

Our essence

We believe in what we do and we do what we feel. Because there is nothing more natural than letting what is born inside us grow.

Tempting is a multi-sensory journey through nature and its knowledge, a process of maturing and learning that culminates in a tribute to the purest and most diverse beauty, ignoring established labels and patterns.

We are inspired to develop sustainable products in harmony with people, animals and our environment, because True Beauty is expressed when the soul has something good to share with others.

This is a tribute to the essence of nature, perfectly balanced in its unique geometries, colors and proportions. Its signature guides us on the path to beauty. It is the mark we want to leave on the planet. Our respect for the knowledge of nature.

Our products

Absolutely Glam
Feel Free

The 100% vegan coloring line that makes every color possible. Designed to inspire professional work and unleash your creativity.

Maximum intensity, long lasting color and a touch of glamorin all tones and shades, to highlight the unique beauty in every one of us.

Delicatessen Nature The Soul of the Plants

100% vegan hair care line inspired by the soul of plants, their extraordinary benefits and special connection with nature.

Formulated with a high percentage of natural ingredients, the line comes in sustainable packaging to reduce environmental impact.

It is formulated based on 6 essential treatments with a great nutritional impact, and with powerful benefits for the hair.

Chameleonik Feel Free

Chameleonik is the vegan line of pure pigments ideal for creating dazzling fantasy colors.

Designed for colorists like you, who make hair a work of art.

360 CARE

Tempting loves you with honest cosmetics. That’s why we have created a comprehensive care technique that goes beyond the product.

Our external and internal care ranges are designed for you to enjoy the caring experience. Create your Spa moments in the hair salon and at home, and find time to feel good inside and out.

If you have questions or want to register already?

​We will be happy to answer your questions or call you as soon as possible. If you want to register for a workshop or order cosmetics, just write to us.

תחכו חדשות!

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Honest cosmetics:

We focus on designing the products that are strictly necessary rather than on maximizing profit, which is reflected in our reduced product catalogue.

In this way, we maintain Tempting's DNA of sustainability and help improve the circular economy, offering all the necessary tools and treatments for our health and image.


We understand Beauty without labels or conventional patterns.

Beauty is within: all beings are beautiful.

We respect and defend the freedom to express oneself, because we admire the unique essence of people and the purity of their beauty.

We are convinced that richness lies in diversity.

We don't want to be liked, we want to like ourselves.


We are committed to the Planet and conscious of reducing our environmental impact.

We carry out sustainable practices, working with local partners to encourage fair and responsible consumption.


We are trends and techniques generators. We want to inspire a change in the industry, to propose new ways of presenting people’s natural beauty, to innovate in style.

We aim to highlight the most artistic and creative version of hairdressers.


It has taken four years of research to find the right balance between technology, beauty, sustainability and wellbeing.

We design formulas with state-of-the-art technology, produced using natural, vegan, and friendly ingredients
Introducing a revolutionary line of nutricosmetics that cares for hair from the inside out.

We innovate with multi-sensory rituals that create wellness experiences in the salon and at home, providing moments of calm, pleasure and well-being.

To register

תחכו חדשות!

Tempting Professional Israel

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